Serena Williams Designs Miami Home

Serena Williams has designed her dream home in Miami, FL. Serena Williams is married to entrepreneur Alexis Ohanian, founder of REDDIT, 776 Fund and more…. The tennis star had help designing from her sister's, Venus Williams, design firm that is also located in Miami - V Starr Interiors. The design firm was founded in 2002 and has worked on projects such as La Vida at Blue Lagoon and Modera Metro II in Dadeland. 

Serena bought the 14,500 square foot house four years ago and after a complete gut renovation, moved into it in July of 2020. She gave an exclusive tour of the house to Architectural Digest as well as an in-depth editorial about her design process. 

“Serena is not formal,” Venus notes about designing the space. “She’s fun-loving; she’s very free, and not someone who wants to sit in a chair and serve someone tea. So it had to be a very welcoming space.”

Taking this idea, V Starr turned a Florida-style foyer that had formal chairs and a sitting area that was going to no use, into a beautiful art gallery. The space includes artwork by Leonardo drew, Radcliffe Bailey, and David Kraco as well as a gorgeous vintage Wurlitzer piano. 

 “I am not a fan of just having spaces to have them. Maybe some people use their formal living rooms, but we don’t. So we created a space that she can actually use and enjoy and live with the art, and invite other people to absorb it and have that emotional connection as soon as you walk in. It sets the tone for the rest of the home.” Venus adds. 

Other unique spaces in the home include a karaoke room only accessible from a secret doorway disguised as a bookshelf, a 620 square foot closet that looks more like a retail space, a private trophy room, and a very special bedroom for her daughter, that was also partially designed by her husband, Alexis Ohanian, that includes a custom-designed castle bed with a slide. One thing that is absent, however, is a tennis court. 

Serena notes on the subject, “I wanted to separate home from work. I love being home. When you have our job, you never get time to relax. So it’s good for me to be able to sit still and not do anything.”

And with 14,500 square feet, Serena will be able to do just that. Her home is described by Senior Designer of V-Starr, Sonya Haffey, as “livable luxury,” and described by her sister as “somewhere in-between ‘super impressive’ and ‘come in and grab something out of the fridge.’ " All in all, Serena's new home is a place of luxury and relaxation, and her family has been enjoying riding out the pandemic and quarantine on its grounds.

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